When to worry about a nosebleed

When Should you Worry about a Nosebleed?

An unexpected nosebleed can be frightening, especially if it affects your kid. Although nosebleeds might strike out of the blue, the majority don’t require medical attention and normally go away on their own

What Causes Nosebleeds and How to Treat them

What Causes Nosebleeds and How to Treat them

Nosebleeds can have a variety of reasons. Rarely is a sudden or irregular nosebleed life threatening. If you get nosebleeds frequently, you may be dealing with a more significant issue

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Headache and Nosebleed – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Blood vessels in the nose can burst or break, which causes nosebleeds. A headache plus a nosebleed might indicate a small problem like hay fever or a more serious problem like anemia, or a low red blood cell count.